About Processtree

The "Tech Wizard from Stanford", Brandon Mckie.

The “Tech Wizard from Stanford”, Brandon Mckie.

This website was founded by the “Tech Wizard from Stanford”, Brandon Mckie. Brandon is currently one of the youngest entrepreneurs here in U.S soil with a degree in Computer Engineering, Brandon had envisioned the idea of having a website that intends to provide technical knowledge about Computer and Modern Technology. Armed with his experience in the field of Programming and Engineering, Brandon was able to provide the modern day techniques and tips to all those less knowledgeable when it comes to technical details about computer.

This website also allows links and resources provided that the developers and designers would approved the relativity of each link with the contents and target audience or visitors of this site. The purpose of those certain approvals and reviews is to avoid “spam” or canned links that doesn’t promote the idea of this site at all. With this age of auto fills and those lack of human connections, a lot of bots or those auto responses are being generated that seems to appear as real humans at all.
All the visitors are welcome to contribute in this website by checking our Contact Page, or you may just simple message us on any suggestions or recommendations for the continuous improvement of Our site. We would also be running some freebies and other seeds of advice regarding the above mentioned topics that this website would cover.

The main goal that this website has been established is to gather all those tech savvy individuals to share their ideas to those who visits here who needs to be feed of knowledge and information to improve their skills and technical wisdom on all the modern trends in the computer world.
That all said, We wish everyone to have an enjoyable and memorable visit and tour to this community of Computer Technology.