Computer Technology and its Pros and Cons

Computer Technology

Computer Technology is one of the best and most useful inventions in our society today.

Computer Technology is one of the best and most useful inventions in our society today. A computer is a device that can execute and calculate commands given by a form of programs. So, anything that can process on its own is a computer, such as cellular phones, tablets, laptops, projectors etc.. It also produces and processes datum and information, faster than the a human can do. People uses this technology to make their task be done quickly and easily. So, this makes us more dependable because of its widely usage nowadays and makes us realize of how important it is. Today, we use computers in our daily tasks but it is important for us to know its pros and cons.

One of the most important advantages of a computer is its use in the field of education. The connection in the internet is good and in just one click, we can already have the information we needed. We can also save our natural resources through limiting the usage of papers and pencil. Next is in the field of businesses. We can buy and sell any products through online store. We can also pay our bills even though we are at home. Another is for the development of our entertainment field. The one we see in movies and alike are made possibly through computer programs, other examples are three-dimensional models, animation, gaming, music composition, movie making, etc..

On the other hand, Techies use it in a nonsense purposes and activities, like spending more time in playing games, in social media websites, watching unrated films and talking or chatting with some friends all night long. Instead, use it in a more educated and professional way to avoid the wastage of time and energy. Computer manufacturing processes can cause a pollution to ourselves and our environment. It is also a good conductor of electricity so it can be dangerous if we disposed them improperly.

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