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Hosting Promo Codes and 4 Other Tools Bloggers Use Every Day.

Hosting Promo Codes and 4 Other Tools Bloggers Use Every Day.

godaddy renewal coupon codes - processtree4 Essential Tools Professional Bloggers Use Every Day

Blogging, both for business and personal motives, has exploded in popularity in recent years, especially with how easy it is to get started. However, many inexperienced bloggers fall under the impression that sitting down and writing posts every day takes hardly any work at all. They are quick to find out that merely writing a post here and there does not lead to massive results.

Professional writers know that building a successful blog, one with many visitors and followers, takes time, patience, and commitment. However, they also have a few tools that help, without which any blogger serious about their career should live.

1. They use Renewal Coupon Codes

Running a blog isn’t cheap. And if you’ve had a professional blog for a number of years, then chances are you have had to renew your hosting, or your domain name…and it’s expensive. Utilizing a promo code website like Discount Go is a great way to keep costs manageable on hosting, domain, SSL certificates, and any product you use through your hosting provider. Check out for when you absolutely need a promo code.

promo code websites - discountgo2. Web Hosting Coupons

Professional bloggers know not to spend money unnecessarily. A quick google search can save you hundreds on hosting for your website from highly-rated hosting companies like Media Temple or Hostpapa. This leaves you to spend money on the tools that can really make a difference in your professional career as a blogger. You can use coupons as a marketing tool for your blog as well, for example you could ask people to sign up to your mailing list to be notified when new posts come out in exchange for being entered in a draw for playstation plus coupons.

3.    Grammarly

Full-time writers use Grammarly. Creating compelling and exciting content is only part of the job. A professional blogger always proofreads their work. One fast and straightforward way is using software that can do that.

Grammarly automatically looks for grammar and spelling errors in your blog post. It can even help you write by suggesting different synonyms for words that might be overused. This indispensable tool also comes with a built-in plagiarism checker so that you can evaluate the uniqueness of a blog post. Grammarly is a professional blogger’s best friend.

4.    Keyword Planner

Before writing a blog post, an understanding of who is going to find the article is crucial. Having a target audience in mind and what keywords they search for will go a long way in getting readers to your post. Google’s Keyword Planner is a convenient tool for doing this.

When someone is looking for information on Google, they will type in certain words and phrases to find the most relevant answers to their inquiry. By knowing the popular keywords for your topic before writing, you can use them in your article and likely get a lot more traffic to your site.

For example, if you are writing a post on “fitness,” you can enter that word into Keyword Planner and see what your audience is specifically searching. A popular keyword for a fitness topic, according to Google, might be “fitness tips for 2018.” Using that information, you will want to write your blog article using the keywords “fitness tips for 2018” rather than just “fitness.”

5.    HootSuite

Every professional blogger must have a social media management tool like HootSuite. After writing a blog post, it is essential to share it on social media sites, most importantly on Facebook and Twitter. You should use several other social media sites, such as LinkedIn and Instagram, as well.

Bloggers use social media management software to get their articles out quickly and efficiently. HootSuite allows a writer to log into one site and share their blog post to multiple social media sites. Additionally, some writers have several different accounts related to one social media site. HootSuite can help you manage separate accounts without the frustration of frequently logging in and out. The tool also measures the popularity of posts, making it easy to see which articles did well and which ones failed.

6.    WordPress

Every blog needs what is called a “content management system.” Quite simply, it is the backbone of a blog site, allowing users a simple interface for posting articles, videos, and images. While there is other blogging software out there, WordPress has evolved into the most popular blog-building platform among experts for its versatility and ease of use.

To use WordPress, writers need a domain and web hosting. The WordPress software is free to use, and anyone can download and install it. Mastering WordPress doesn’t take long, and there are countless sources for learning how to use it. Nonetheless, if you end up stuck, WordPress has a vast community of users worldwide that have an active interest in promoting the platform and helping other users.

Blogging can be a fun way to express yourself and bring in some additional income. By using these four essential tools for bloggers, you can focus more on writing what you love, while building a substantial following of readers eager to read your next post.

Choosing a Web Host, plus Greengeeks Coupons

Choosing a Web Host, plus Greengeeks Coupons

So you’ve decided to start a business and you need a website! You know you need to host this website somewhere you so you do a quick Google search and come up with literally hundreds of web hosting companies. How do you choose? In this article we’ll go over some things that you should know and look for before signing up for a contract.

Greengeeks Coupon Codes

One host that may be right for you is HostPapa, they are a good starter host for most people with good prices and good services. Plus, they have Green Geeks promo codes that you can use to save money on new purchases and renewals. If at the end of this article you decide to go with a different hosting company (there is one-size fits all so it’s totally possible!) just do a quick search for any coupons before you make a purchase. Almost all hosting companies have them!

greengeeks coupons

How to Choose a Web Host

Choosing a web host is something that you should do with care as it can have a big impact on the success of your business venture. First, you should determine the main reasons why you are building the website before you move on to choosing a host. Some web host companies specialize in hosting specific sorts of websites, so you might get extra features or service that is relevant to your business. For instance, there are those who specialize in hosting e-commerce websites while others specialize in small personal blogs.

Determine What Kind of Hosting You Require

To make your search for a web host easier, you should start by determining what kind of web hosting you need. If you you are building a personal portfolio website, then you should opt for a
company which offers shared hosting plans. Shared hosting means that your website will ‘live’ on the same server as hundreds to thousands of other websites and you will all share the resources of the server. This is great because it is very inexpensive, the downside can be that if somebody else on the server is having a problem it may affect the performance of your website to even taking it offline entirely. This is extremely rare though. If you are running a personal or small business website I definitely recommend using shared hosting.

For medium size websites, such as for growing businesses, you can opt for a VPS web hosting company. VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, similar to shared hosting you will be sharing server space with other websites but the number is significantly less meaning that you get a lot more resources and a higher level of security.

Big companies that need a lot of resources or a high level of security should choose dedicated hosting plans because they can meet the demands of the big business data and traffic. You will be the only website on your server, and you will usually have a dedicated technician to help you out should anything go wrong.

What Type of Website Are You Building?

The type of website you are about to build will determine the amount of traffic you may receive and what features you might need. For example, if you plan to host a small blog, then you can go for a web host that specializes in WordPress websites. If you are building an online store then you will need to decide what type of e-commerce platform you want to use, or if you want to use a third party service such as Shopify that will handle the shopping cart and the transactions. A host that has a graphical website builder can work well for those interested in building an online portfolio or resume and requires almost no technical knowledge. For personal sites, a low-cost or even free web host might do just fine. For a business site, you should consider a hosting company where your website can scale up along with your business.

What Resources Will You Need?

Some of the resource factors you should take into consideration include storage and RAM. A solid-state drive offers high speeds and can store more data. High RAM works well for websites which require fast loading. Bandwidth and data transfer will affect the way people will interact with your site. Keep in mind that while a lot of web hosts will advertise ‘unlimited bandwidth’ on their shared hosting plans if you read the fine print if they determine you are using an ‘unreasonable’ amount of bandwidth you can be throttled or cut off entirely. And no, ‘unreasonable’ is not given a defined number.

Domains and emails offered by the hosting company can also be a factor. You can have professional looking emails if you host with a company which offers emails at your domain. Uptime and reliably of the website will also determine the way your site performs, while an uptime of 100% is pretty much unheard of in shared hosting most web hosts do a really good job of coming very close to that.

Security and Support

You will be hosting essential data on your website. To avoid being compromised, it is necessary to look for a web host which will assure you a high level of security and support. Regular updates of software on the web host will help avoid situations where the website could be hacked which could lead to lost data.

Web Hosting Prices

Most web hosts at the entry level charge about the same price, but it is a good idea to compare the pricing to make sure. Some hosts that charge really low rates also have very limited features, so make sure to take that into consideration. Some of the features you should take into account include an easy to use control panel, bandwidth, emails, disk space and website builder features. Also be aware that a lot of hosts have really good introductory offers for new customers, and then the price goes way up. So make sure you are looking at what price the service will renew at, and not just the initial offering.

There you go, lots to think about but don’t worry. There are tons of terrific web hosting services out there, you will definitely be able to find something to suit your needs at a price that fits your budget.