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GoDaddy Renewal Coupon for Web Hosting, B2B Affiliate Programs, and other ways to lower your operating costs!

GoDaddy Renewal Coupon for Web Hosting, B2B Affiliate Programs, and other ways to lower your operating costs!

Anybody who owns a business knows that it is a costly venture, so how do we keep ourselves out of the red and in business? There are a lot of ways, some are tried and true and others are newer and more innovative. Here is a look at some of our favourites!

GoDaddy Renewal Coupon for Web Hosting, or whoever your web host is!

Of course you have a website, any sort of respectable business has one! You may have even set it up yourself using handy visual website builders provided by GoDaddy or any of the other many web hosts out there. We personally use and love GoDaddy, so for the sake of this article we’ll just use them as the example. If you were anything like me when I first started out, I got a great introductory deal on my web hosting and domain name. I set up my website, got down to business literally and figuratively, and totally put silly things like renewal dates and prices out of my mind. A year passed by quickly and I got an email from GoDaddy: they know I’m busy so my domain and hosting had been automatically renewed, but at a much higher price than what I had initially paid!

Now, almost all web hosting companies have stellar introductory offers to get you to sign up and you are unlikely to attain that level of discount again, but by keeping on top of when your hosting and domain renews you can take advantage of a renewal discount code for web hosting and domains and save yourself at least a little money! Coupons are certainly nothing new, but they do work!

GoDaddy renewal coupon for web hosting

Have You Ever Considered a B2B Affiliate Program To Help Your Sales?

Consumer businesses often find that getting people to sign up to be affiliates or commission agents works very well. Affiliate agents go out, open websites, do their own marketing and gain customers all on their own for the generous commissions they stand to earn. Could this method work well for businesses that sell to other businesses rather than to retail consumers? As many businesses are discovering today, affiliate programs can work well in the B2B context too. Particularly with the rise of SaaS (Software as a Service) companies in the last few years, there are many opportunities for companies to make a few extra dollars for referring some of their partners to services that they already use and love.

If you would like to consider an affiliate program for your B2B business, the three tips below should help you get started.

  1. You need to first find the right affiliate agents B2B products and services have a limited audience of business buyers. For a B2B marketing push to work, it would need affiliates who are familiar with the market and the way buyers operate in it. Since most affiliates come from a business-to-consumer background, their methods are usually consumer-oriented – coupons, loyalty rewards and so on. These methods don’t work in the B2B world.If yours is a business that doesn’t traditionally use affiliate agents, you will need to get B2B affiliates from other industries. Only then will you have people who are familiar with how the B2B affiliate business works.
  2. Familiarizing your affiliates with your sales cycle Most consumer products don’t come with very long sales cycles. The consumer is drawn in with advertising. He makes a decision in a matter of days and then makes a purchase. Since these are low value purchases, short sale cycles are only to be expected.Many business purchases are very high value ones. Business buyers take their buying decisions very seriously and put a lot of research into them. They can require a great deal of technical input from their affiliates – cost analyses, performance analyses and so on. It can take an affiliate several months to get a buyer to make a single purchase.

    The B2B affiliates that you find need to be familiar with the demands of such drawn-out sales cycles. They need to be equipped to handle them.

  3. Finding a B2B affiliate manager It isn’t just the affiliate who needs to be familiar with how B2B affiliate sales work. Someone at your business too needs to really know how affiliate selling works. A manager familiar with B2B affiliate sales needs to be at the helm. He needs to take care of the recruiting and training. Once newly trained affiliates get out on the field, the affiliate manager needs to have a system in place for tracking the way they perform and for reporting on it.